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Sudio TOLV: test and review of these Swedish True Wireless

To start this audio test, the unpacking session is very pleasant. As for the Sudio Vasa Bla already tested previously, the Swedish brand favors a minimalist design for the packaging. White box, ultra simplified visual of the headphones.

The color code is in the continuity of the Vasa Bla, which is in our opinion a very good point.

In the box, there is only a place for the box containing the headphones, as well as a business card size box for the accessories and the operating instructions. Simple and efficient.

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The tested model is the TOLV Anthracite version. Apart from the traditional Black, other more original colors are available: a forest green, a pastel light blue, a pearl white, and a pastel pink. The grey and copper mix is the best effect ! The brown leather cord blends perfectly with the ensemble.

The box is silky smooth to the touch, extremely pleasant to handle. This contrasts with the polished lava look of this version. The finish with leather strap making a premium effect beyond the obvious capabilities of attachment.

Compact and long lasting

The format of these True Wireless is very compact: easy to carry, and impressive compression when you think that 4 to 5 loads of 7h are planned.

The box opens with a slight pressure dislodging the magnet holding the lid. inside, the two headphones rest, housed for recharging and ready for use. As with the opening, the headset is lightly magnetized, making it feel more secure when stored.
On the back, the micro-USB charging socket is embellished with two diodes announcing by their colors the level of charge. It’s a pity that the model remained at micro-USB when the standard evolves to USB-C (which is used for the Sudio Fem model).

Sudio TOLV test: use and listening

First step: the connection. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5 standard.0, pairing with a phone or a computer takes only a few seconds. This TOLV model allows only one connection at a time. It is not possible to pair it to two sources at the same time. That said, the switch is made in a few seconds.

A female voice indicates that the headphones are connected, as well as a voice location right / left in the ear. Which is very convenient because the two headphones are strictly identical and it is easy to get the wrong side. While connected on a Google Pixel 3a and with Spotify, the connection sometimes skipped at the end of playlist. Strange.


Second step: the adjustment. These headphones are really small. Each earphone weighs only 4.5 grams.

Despite a conventional and rather simple shape, they fit very easily in the auricle to rest just above the lobe. Weight is a non-issue: no fatigue or discomfort is felt even after several hours of listening in a row.

In the box, four different sizes of ear tips are available to fit the best to the ear. Your servant must use the largest size for maximum comfort.

It’s time to test what these Sudio True Wireless have in their belly !

In music !

Third step: listening to music or watching a movie ! For that, the headphones can’t do much 😉 Each headphone has its central button: right to pause, and double-click to go to the next track. Left double-click to return to the beginning of the title or to the previous title.

Given the very small size of these headphones, and for those with large fingers, clicking the button is sometimes more complicated than expected because it moves the headphone slightly, which is to reposition. A system of management with the touch would have been almost more practical.

In any case, the lack of a volume button forces you to come back to the device source to modify the sound. So you will often have your smartphone in your hand to manage both music and sound. An automatic music pause feature when removing an earphone would have been a great bonus.


The technology used to make these wireless headphones is called graphene. It is a very recent revolutionary material. The first cases of industrial use date back to 2017 only.

Very light, very durable and very conductive. And especially supposed to improve the overall sound on headphones of this size.

A poorly performing microphone

Being at work this day of test, try the use of the microphone in meeting is tempting. Unfortunately, the microphone leaves something to be desired. The interlocutors could only hear a distant voice during a conference call.

And this despite an isolation in a space without noise, neither an open space nor in the street.

In the same line, the phone call in the street legitimizes to disconnect the earphones and to pass the phone directly to the ear. Too bad. While yet a microphone is present on each side.

It’s a shame because the sound is good. The bass is very present, without necessarily pushing the sound. The more the volume increases, the more the bass is preponderant.

This satisfies many modern music styles, but not all. The most critical audiophiles will be embarrassed.
The mediums are on the other hand in retreat. The high quality trebles make for example the distinction on a clear voice accompanied by electric guitar and cymbals omnipresent.

For the video, on a classic Youtube format in HD, no perceptible latency comes to disturb the reading.

Final opinion for this Sudio TOLV Anthracite

The titles of our HiFi test playlist are very good:

  • Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack: the bass is smooth, the percussion line stands out clearly
  • Closer Nine Inch Nails: a direct attack by the bass and a song
  • Warszawa by David Bowie: here is a strange track that highlights various sounds
  • Eternal Rains Will Come of Opeth: the particularly wide dymanic range is well respected

The public price of 119 euros places this model in a range with strong competition but with enormous differences in quality. And we have to admit that the Sudio TOLV is at the top end of the range. The design is particularly neat, something that could be expected because is a trademark of the manufacturer.

The sound is not in rest with a good general quality.

The good points

  • The battery: 35h of listening in 7h increments. It is a nice challenge to have a long battery life
  • Design and finishing: small and discreet earphones, and very nice box. The object is beautiful.
  • The neutral sound is nevertheless oriented for bass lovers
  • The holding of the headphones and overall listening comfort

Identified limitations

  • No mobile application to equalize the sound yourself
  • Slight continuous hiss at low volume, on quiet tracks or between tracks
  • Microphone below standard, needing to be isolated properly if not completely
  • Micro-USB charging when the new standard is USB-C

Where and how to get the Sudio TOLV ?

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