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What to do in Marseille ?

Marseille is one of the most popular cities in France for its landscapes and its Mediterranean climate. Every year, it welcomes thousands of travelers who come to discover it and enjoy its many attractions. So if you are wondering which destination to choose for your next vacation, Marseille is a very interesting option in many ways.

Presentation of the city of Marseille

Marseille is a city located in the southeast region of France. It has an urban area that is considered the third largest in the country, just after Paris and Lyon. It is the the oldest city in France, because it was created by sailors and Greek merchants since antiquity.

This city represents an important port of commerce and passage. Its coastal activity boomed during the colonial period, and to this day, the entire economy of the region is based primarily on the activities of its port. All this allowed him to become today :

  • The first port in all France
  • The second port in the Mediterranean region
  • The fifth port in all Europe.

So if you are wondering what to do in Marseille during your vacation, you should know that most of your activities will be related to the marine world. This city, which has existed for more than 2600 years, has an immense maritime façade that extends for at least 50 km. In its heart, you will find the national park of the Calanques which shelters many protected species.

You can also discover idyllic landscapes that will take your breath away. It should be noted that the port is not the only part of the city that deserves a visit. In this case, don’t hesitate to use a service like Roadstr to rent a car easily and enjoy the charms of Marseille.

You will be able to see everything at your own pace and do all the activities that interest you.

What to do in Marseille ?

Marseille has become a cultural and tourist attraction thanks to the diversity of its historical sites and monuments. It offers its visitors a multitude of options in terms of activities and entertainment. You can therefore be sure that you will never run out of ideas for what to do to do in Marseille during your vacations.

Going boating

If you like boating, then get ready to live your dream during your stay in Marseille. Indeed, in this city considered as the most important port of all France, you will be able to make boat trips with your relatives. For this, you will have to go through a boat rental in Marseille.

Depending on your preferences, you can rent a small yacht or a real cruise ship to discover the Mediterranean. Moreover, it is an activity that attracts more and more tourists to Marseille. It offers much more possibilities and freedom than the cruises organized by the shipping companies.


Stroll on the Old Port

A Stroll on the Old Port, is also a must-do activity in Marseille. You can stroll around this famous square and enjoy the atmosphere it gives off. You will have the opportunity to discover all those things that make it so famous such as :

  • Its period buildings that you will see in the background
  • Its fish market
  • Its many restaurants and cafes
  • Its boats and many others.

You will just have to sit comfortably on the terrace of one of the cafés along the quays to enjoy the sun and the excitement of the city. It is a unique and atypical sight.

Stroll around the Old Port

Visit the MuCEM

The MuCEM is also one of the places not to be missed during a stay in Marseille. The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations was created in 2013 and is located right at the entrance of the port of Marseille. Thanks to the unique architecture of its building, this place will seduce you for sure.

It hosts numerous exhibitions that will allow you to discover the civilizations that have marked the history of the Mediterranean, from antiquity to the present day.

Visit the MuCEM

Walk in the Panier

The Panier is both the oldest district of Marseille and the most visited district of the whole city. You will find it in the heart of the historic center of Marseille, near the Old Port. It seduces travelers with its steep streets, its unique atmosphere and its high buildings of picturesque nature.

This district is also known for having been the place of shooting of the famous series “Plus belle la vie”. It is the Marseilles district par excellence in all its splendor, a must-see.

Stroll in the Panier

Contemplate the Cathedral of the Major

The Cathedral of the Major is one of the most important monuments of Marseille’s heritage. It is built according to a particular architecture which alone is worth a visit. Outside, you will be seduced by its magnificent domes and its striped facades.

Inside, however, its impressive dimensions will leave you speechless. You can also admire the statues that are there, as well as the arcades, the mosaics and all the details that make this place unique.

La Major Cathedral - Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica

We hope that by reading these lines you will know what activities to choose from What to do in Marseille during your vacations. This coastal city, which is the departure point for many Mediterranean cruises, will welcome you for a wonderful stay between land and sea.

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