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Discover the city of Sitges and its beaches, 20 minutes from Barcelona in Catalonia

When you go on vacation, you like to know where the’we go. And what the’In summer, one wants to be in a relaxed atmosphere’is of’first and foremost the sun, then the beach and finally the festivities accessible. C’It is for this triptych of reasons that most of the French summer people often go to Spain, and even more often to Barcelona in Catalonia.

However, the’place can be crowded in period of’affluence. C’That’s why we present here an alternative solution, less than 20 minutes away from the regional capital and which combines all kinds of activities’advantages : the city of Sitges and its surroundings.

The city of Sitges and its endless beaches

The summer vacationers who go to the south and especially the’Spanish people are looking for sun and beach. But when’When they arrive in certain seaside resorts of the Mediterranean coast, they are sometimes disappointed by the small size of the beaches. The city of Sitges, on the other hand, has a large number of large areas of land’a sand reputed to be finer than the others’in Barcelona. C’is therefore the’It is an ideal place to rest, to practice all kinds of activities and to enjoy the sun’nautical activities or just to swim !

For a long time, the city of Sitges was not’has been that’a small fishing village, particularly well located but also very quiet. You can still feel the’relaxed atmosphere of’It is a small country town by surveying the sea front, which is far from being a tourist attraction’It can be unpleasant when the’we come to rest. Some course of’aerobics and aqua gym In the summer, we can find a lot of places to visit, where people walking or cycling take the time to live and we can feel our mind wandering on the blue waves. But be careful, this does not mean that the beaches are too small’it n’there is nothing to do around the villas in Sitges for rent !

An old town, restaurants and caf├ęs

The city of Sitges is a seaside resort that the’It seems to be the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. But you should know that the city is also an excellent place for entertainment. D’first, l’the very architecture of the old town is ideal for spending refreshing afternoons strolling between the shady and century-old walls.

But there are also plenty of good addresses to try out.

Some restaurants in particular are famous for their fresh seafood. The bars and other snacks that flourish on the seafront in summer will delight you with their multiple sweet or savory flavors. As far as accommodation is concerned, you should know that some of the most prestigious brands, such as, All of them are present here, which guarantees a high quality of service’and services like no other !

sitges beach

Going out in Sitges

For the day, you’ll have plenty to do between the beaches, activities and sightseeing. In addition, you will’You’ve got it, we can eat, too’All kinds of products, local or not, healthy or not, expensive or not ! The city of Sitges is definitely one of the most a paradise for tourists For those who want to unwind after a long year of hard work within the four walls of’an office or a’a workshop.

And to relax, what better way than to party ? From June to September, the nights in Sitges catch fire and often take you farther than you think’had imagined at first glance. In addition, the city also hosts many LGBT establishments, a public well known for its taste for partying ! The Gay Pride is particularly rich and intense here, but you can also enjoy the’You’ll have just as much fun during Carnival, which lasts several days !

Sitges, an accessible city

If the city of Sitges is so appreciated by those who discover it, it is because it is a city with a lot to offer’is also for its interesting proximity to Barcelona. In just 20 minutes by train, you can reach Sitges by car the capital of Catalonia, spend a day there, and then quickly come to rest in the evening on board the ship’one of the calm beaches of Sitges ! A great advantage for those who love city life, but who are looking for the comfort of the city’a seaside resort on a human scale.

The road to Barcelona is also very pretty, as you can see. Following the coastline, you’ll make your way to’You’ll kill two birds with one stone, since the opportunities to do so are endless beautiful photos are innumerable ! In short, the city of Sitges with its theme park, beaches, bars and clubs is both a party center and a place for contemplation. What more could you ask for in a successful vacation ?

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