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Fuel : where to find it in Haute-Savoie ?

For several days, France has been facing gasoline shortages. Haute-Savoie is also concerned. Many stations are impacted, especially in the Annecy area and at the border with Switzerland.

Annecy and its surroundings particularly impacted

This morning in the office, a subject is at the center of discussions: the shortage of gasoline. It must be said that on the Annecy area, several stations are no longer able to provide all types of fuel, such as E10. In some establishments, as in La Balme-de-Sillingy, the sign even displays 0,00€. Out of fuel, except for diesel. On the side of Leclerc Cran-Gevrier, it is no longer possible to get supplies for several days.

Same sound of bell in Auchan Epagny since Saturday night. And works will complicate the matter in day.

Problems also at the border with Switzerland

On the side of the border with Switzerland, the problems are the same. Sunday morning, October 09, a large part of the pumps were out of service. Because if the French are looking for fuel, the Swiss are too.

It must be said that in our neighbors, the diesel has passed the mark of 2 francs and is even displayed at 2.40 Swiss francs. So they don’ hesitate to cross the border to fill up. A habit that lasts since August.

A call to civic-mindedness from the Prefect

Unlike other prefectures such as those of Picardy or the North, the one of Haute-Savoie has not yet implemented restrictive measures. It is simply forbidden to fill jerry cans. The prefecture calls the citizens to civism and solidarity.

Some occasional difficulties of fuel supply have appeared for some time now
days in some service stations of the department. @Prefet74 asks the population to be civic-minded & of solidarity so that everyone can get supplies. + info ⤵️

— Prefect of Haute-Savoie (@Prefet74) October 9, 2022

Where to find fuel in Haute-Savoie ?

In France, 30% of gas stations are dry. But there are solutions to know where to fill up. For example, the application My Gasoline will allow you to know the places where it is no longer possible to refuel your car. It is the users themselves who report the information via the application.

It is available on Android and iOS. We propose you an overview of the situation on the Grand Annecy on October 10th, 2022:

You can also refer to the “instantaneous flow” of the fuel prices in France. Information directly from the Ministry of Economy. For this, it is possible to go to the site https://www.prices-fuel.gouv.en/.

The fuels that are no longer available are indicated in two ways: directly on the map or the stations do not appear on it.

Fill up with Waze

This weekend, you may have received a notification from Waze. The application reminds you that you can find the gas stations near you. To do this, nothing complex. You just have to go to the settings of the application. In the driving preferences, select “Gas stations”.

All you have to do is fill in the type of fuel you are interested in. Then, the application will lead you to the nearest station with gasoline available.

Opt for public transportation

Sibra network buses in Annecy

Bus of the Sibra network in Annecy

In case the situation would be prolonged, we would advise you to leave your car in favor of public transport. Although buses are once again paying in Annecy, this can be a good alternative. You will save money, while working for the planet.

For those who work in Switzerland, the option of the Léman Express or carpooling can also be interesting.

And if you don’ live far from your workplace, why not go there on foot or by bike ? This will allow you to do your physical activity every day. In case you don’ have a bicycle, the Grand Annecy offers assistance to buy one. You can also choose to rent one.

Lanes reserved for priority users

As of October 17, some gas stations in Haute-Savoie still have supply problems. In order to allow priority users to continue their activity, priority lanes are available to them from Monday to Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Here are the resorts concerned:

  • Auchan, Epagny Metz-Tessy
  • Hyper U, Rumilly
  • Géant Casino, Annemasse
  • Provencia, Seyssel
  • Carrefour, Sallanches
  • Cora, Amphion-Publier
  • SARL Larrivaz – station Total, Cluses

The decree is in effect until midnight Friday, October 21. It concerns the vehicles of the public order, those of protection of the populations and those of the medical corps.

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