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The pandas of the zooparc of Beauval

The Giant pandas of the Beauval zooparc are real celebrities. Arrived in 2012 on the French soil, they are, at the time, the only pandas in France. Since then, births have occurred.

This has expanded the clan of pandas of the animal park of Saint-Aignan-sur-cher. Today, they are even famous through social networks.

The pandas of the Beauval zooparc

The zooparc of Beauval is the only animal park in France to have pandas. They are considered national treasures and attract the attention of young and old who visit the animal park.

Huan Huan: the female panda

Huan Huan is the female of the clan. It forms a couple with another panda of the zooparc of Beauval called Yuan Zi. She was born on August 10, 2008 in Chengdu, China.

But it is only in January 2017 that she joined the Beauval zooparc.

Huan Huan is a female easy to live with, because she is rather calm and sweet. She never flinches from the park’s caretakers or when she needs to be cared for. Trust has been established between her and the caregivers.

She voluntarily gives her arm for a blood test. She pees when he asks her to.

With her companion, she had difficulties to get pregnant in a natural way. But, it could be by insemination. It is always with the same zeal that it passes its ultrasounds. Then, she finally gives birth to the very first baby panda of the Beauval animal park on August 4, 2017. The newborn who turns out to be a male is called Yuan Meng.

It is possible to see them through the large bay window that overlooks their landmark.


Yuan zi : the male panda

L’other Giant panda of the Beauval zooparc, c’is Yuan zi. Huan Huan’s companion is known for the funny photo breaks he takes in front of the photographers’ lens. He was also born in 2008 in Chengdu, China.

With its 110 kilos, it likes to adopt playful postures during photo sessions. He stands with his head down and his paws in the air. It’s his way of saying that he’s at home, on his territory.

Just like his companion, he likes the contact with the park’s caretakers. He spends his day tasting his bamboo in front of the dazzled eyes of the public. He always walks with a confident step and knows how to be noticed with his impressive size and his weight of 100 kilos.

In Chinese, his name means the round son. The word Yuan means: round and Zi means: son. In other words, he is the son of the one with the round head.

All visitors or people who love pandas can enjoy the website of the Beauval animal park. There are more than 500 articles about the animal. This goes from fashion accessories, to clothes and decorative objects.

The price of an item varies from 50 cents to 120 euros.

Yuan Ming: the baby panda of the Beauval zooparc

Finally, the last of the pandas of the zooparc of Beauval, it is the baby of Huan Huan and Yuan Zi. His arrival was eagerly awaited by all the staff of the Beauval zoo. Yuan Men was born on August 4, 2017 in the Beauval zoo. When he was born, he weighed about 143 grams.

But soon, when he was 2 years old, his weight exceeded 75 kilos.

He came into the world a few hours after the signs announcing the birth of his mother. When he was born, she held him close to her body to keep him warm. But dynamic by nature, the newborn is already walking around inside his incubator.

All the fans of Yuan Men can follow him on the website of the Beauval animal park. There are articles that trace his history from his birth to today.

Otherwise, visitors can admire him in the area “The heights of China”. He often goes for a walk with his mother. If he is not, it is because he has an appointment with the veterinarian for routine care. Otherwise, everyone can follow their news on social networks.

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