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3 tips for organizing a motorhome trip with a person with reduced mobility

You are in a handicap situation and you dream of traveling in a motor home ? You want to plan a family camping trip, but you need to organize everything so that it is accessible to a member of your family with reduced mobility ? From the camping sites to the vehicles designed for people with reduced mobility, it is now possible for everyone to enjoy the joys of motorhoming provided that you check a few points before your departure. To help you prepare your stay, we have selected three essential tips for organizing a trip in a motor home with a person with reduced mobility.

Choosing an adapted vehicle

First of all, we advise you to start by choosing your motorhome carefully. Today, there are vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility. Whether you want to rent a vehicle for a particular stay or buy a motorhome as a travel partner for your family, you should pay attention to choose a motorhome adapted for people with reduced mobility.

From the layout of the vehicle to the opening of the camper van and the organization of the bathroom, everything will be planned so that the person feels comfortable and that his or her daily life during the trip will be as smooth as possible.

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Select a campsite with adapted facilities

Then, you must be careful to book your vacation in a campsite with adapted facilities for people with disabilities. Indeed, if many campsites are better and better equipped, some have not yet made the necessary arrangements for a stay in complete serenity. Think of contacting the campsite to check that it is accessible and that it will allow you to spend the best possible vacations. From the access to your pitch to the access to the different structures of the campsite, everything is normally designed without obstacles in campsites equipped for people with reduced mobility.

From the entertainment to the bar to the swimming pool, you will be able to enjoy all together as a family if you choose the right campsite.

Choosing the right vacation destination

Finally, we recommend that you choose your vacation destination carefully. Some seaside resorts have made major changes in recent years to make their facilities accessible to all. In these resorts, you will be able to benefit from a special access road to go to the beach or from facilities for swimming. For your next vacation, we advise you to contact the tourist offices of the seaside resorts to make sure that you will be able to make the most of the joys of the beach and the sea. Similarly, if you want to go to the countryside or the mountains, some destinations are perfectly adapted while others still have some work to do.

The choice of your vacation destination is therefore essential if you are traveling with a person with a disability. And you, what are your advices to organize a trip by motor home with a person with reduced mobility ?

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