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What is not allowed on the Paquier

Le Pâquier: a vast grassy esplanade in front of Lake Annecy attracts a large audience. But do you know what you can do and what is forbidden ?

Rules to respect on the Paquier

This emblematic site of Annecy is connected to the Jardins de l’Europe by the Pont des Amours. It is located in front of the avenue d’Albigny and allows to join on its left the Charles Bosson Park and the Imperial Hotel. Its access is free of charge.

Numerous boat and pedal boat rental companies allow you to enjoy the bay of Annecy and to swim far from the crowd of the beaches.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to respect some rules that we remind you:

  1. A decent dress is mandatory, which implies the prohibition of wearing a bathing suit;the prohibition of wearing a bathing suit. Clearly, you can put your towel but not sunbathe in swimsuit. As such, the wearing of bathing suits is only allowed on the beaches of Annecy.
  2. La bicycle traffic is only allowed on the bike paths of the Pâquier. On the rest of the site, you must put your foot down.
  3. The diffusion of music The use of portable speakers is tolerated if the sound is not too loud and does not disturb the neighbors. Music amplifiers are prohibited.
  4. The sales on the Pâquier A bike tour is only allowed for merchants who have a permit to occupy the public domain on the Pâquier.
  5. The pets The dogs are welcome if they are kept on a leash. On the other hand, their bathing notably at the level of the Servettaz promenade is prohibited.
  6. The swimming is prohibited on the Pâquier. In Annecy, you can swim only on the beaches of Marquisats, Impérial and Albigny.
  7. The picnics are allowed provided that you don’t cook food, so barbecues are forbidden.
  8. The practice of team sports such as soccer, volleyball or badminton is allowed.

All these provisions are controlled by the Environmental Brigade of the Municipal Police of Annecy which is in charge of the respect of the municipal decrees. You can cross it either on foot, by bike or by gyropod. Its role is primarily educational, but it may be required to verbalize.

These arrangements are put in place to ensure a good life together on the Pâquier, which attracts a large number of visitors in good weather.

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