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The most beautiful hikes to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country a little bit apart in the world landscape. It is known for its very particular political system, for its rich and tasty gastronomy or for its famous banks. But Switzerland is also a very popular country for hikers, thanks to its unique mountain panoramas.

However, some tours are still little known to the general public. Here is an article about 3 of the most beautiful hikes to do in Switzerland.

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A hike from Brugg to Baden

If you want to see a lot during your stay in Switzerland, we strongly recommend you to take the train to Brugg. After having enjoyed the charms of the old town, take your bag, secure it on your shoulders and set off on the paths that will lead you to the city of Baden. L’The dominant element of this hike is the’You will be able to follow the course of the water all the time thanks to the three streams that meander through the area. Surely the’one of the most beautiful hikes to do in Switzerland !

When you arrive in Baden, take the time to discover the local casino’The Stein ruins are an ideal vantage point from which to marvel at the old stones of Baden below. When you arrive in the city, you will finally be able to enjoy the view’a well-deserved rest, and relax with a visit to the Grand Casino of Baden, a real local institution which also has its own online version, ideal for playing from your bedroom’hotel. You will find a complete review of Jackpots, the online version of the casino, here.

Lavaux hike

Hikes to do in Switzerland around the Lavaux terraces

To immerse yourself in the Swiss nature, you can also discover the’one of the most emblematic regions of the country: the Lavaux. Here, you will pass through many medieval villages, with their hectares of vineyards and century-old buildings, especially on the 11 km of the hike. Thus, you will have the’opportunity to’to admire superb views on the Alps and the lake of Geneva.

If the Lavaux is certainly one of the regions with the most beautiful hikes to do in Switzerland, it’s not the only one’It is also thanks to the charm of the small villages along the way. Rivaz, Aran or Lutry are ideal resting places, especially in summer thanks to the shady and cool cover that they offer’they offer to the sun-weary walkers. And if you’re a hiker, you’ll have a great time’If you are interested in the experience, you can try the long version, that is to say 32 km which will lead you up to’at Chillon castle !

Swiss Jura

Walking in the Swiss Jura

When the’When talking about the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland, it is impossible not to mention the Swiss Jura. The Park Jura vaudois counts nearly 530 km of marked out paths, which offer d’infinite opportunities to marvel at the natural beauty of this country so well endowed in the matter. The most appreciated of all’The best way to get there is certainly the one that leads from the Mollendruz pass to’to the one of Marchairuz.

As soon as you start walking, you will be immediately immersed in the atmosphere’typical environment of the high Jura. Navigating between the spruce trees, you will be able to climb to the top of Mont Tendre which will allow you to reach a simply extraordinary view at 1,700 meters above sea level’altitude. In 360 degrees, you will be able to recognize the Massif du Mont-Blanc, Lake Geneva, the Rissoud forest and even the Vosges ! A place not to be missed by all lovers of the Helvetian country !

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