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Gospel music at Christmas !

The end of year celebrations’year, especially the Christmas, represent a great opportunity to see the world from a different perspective’This is an excellent opportunity to spend good times with your family, friends and colleagues’exchange wishes and listen to good music. Indeed, there can not be a successful Christmas without gospel music. For the Christmas holidays’This year, gospel songs bring that little bit extra to the evening’soul that makes this celebration a memorable moment. So, if you are in charge of the’organization of’If you are planning a gospel concert in your church or neighborhood, you will need to find the right group for the job’event.

Read on to learn more about the steps to follow to have gospel music at Christmas.

Find the best gospel choir for a Christmas concert

Christmas Eve is a very important time when tradition demands that all family members gather around a Christmas table’a meal. However, this evening has a very pronounced religious connotation. In fact, the gospel concert is the’one of the best animations to make this evening very festive and create beautiful memories.

Know that the majority of the gospel choirs are constituted at least of 4 singers and musicians. In general, these groups offer an a cappella performance (i.e., without instruments)’This year’s event will be held in the form of a concert, i.e. without a musical instrument, or with a very light musical accompaniment.

What would you say this year to propose a very original gospel concert realized by the’association d’a choir and’a classical music philharmonic orchestra ? If the’If you are interested in this idea, please contact for the’You can enjoy your Christmas Eve with religious songs and merry tunes. Using a choir accompanied by a choir member’an orchestra of music is the’insurance of’an original evening that will delight young and old.

Most of the gospel groups propose great classics of the European musical repertoire. You will have to choose the titles that you want to hear during this evening. The choir director will know how to guide the audience with carefully chosen Christmas tunes.

Here is some examples of songs that could compose the repertoire of this concert.

  • All When the Saints Go Marching in: from the famous American Gospel program for 100 voices, this classic of African-American culture will be revisited by the choir and the audience’orchestra that will give it a new dimension.
  • Oh Happy day: it’s impossible to celebrate Christmas without this popular tune. This song has survived the ages and continues to be a favorite’It is important to be on time for the event’New Year’s Eve entertainment.
  • Let Everything That Hath Breath: adapted from Psalm 150 (an invitation to praise God from the “Book of Psalms”), this song has been performed in several versions. Indeed, Bach and de Lalance created works that are not only of interest to the public, but also to the general public’directly inspired by Psalm 150.
  • Amen: A must for churches during the holiday season’Today, Amen is a true classic of African-American spiritual music.
  • Jesus: this song will be revisited by the gospel choir you have chosen. A melodious song that will delight the audience present at the concert.

What are the stages of the project?’s organization’a gospel concert for Christmas ?

In addition to choosing the singing group that will perform the concert, you should also consider the following’other very important points to make sure everything goes smoothly. You should know that the planning of’such an event requires resources, good time management and several complex elements. N’do not try to organize everything at the last minute.

You must therefore plan the project over several months if necessary in order not to forget details that could make the concert miss.

First of all, you should describe in detail the whole project of the concert’musical event. L’It is important to know the organization, the group that will perform during the concert, the place of the concert and the venue’event, sound and light equipment needs, programming, complementary activities, etc.

Once you have detailed the whole project, you will have to take care of all the administrative procedures concerning the venue and the personnel to be recruited. You have the possibility of filing a request with your city hall to ask for a communal room. However, keep in mind that’It is important to keep in mind that if your arguments are not decisive and the current health situation does not allow you to make a decision, you will have to make a decision’If you don’t improve, you won’t be able to get a community hall.

In addition, if you are planning to apply for grants, you should know that’they will probably arrive after your concert. It is also possible to find a sponsor for your event sponsorship. However, be sure to choose the right venue’the company to which you belong, as this could give you bad publicity.

To establish your budget, make a sheet with a list of all the information you need’the expenses to be incurred and the expected income. Never set your budget on the assumption that the hall will be full. Estimate rather than budget’it will be half of it and don’t count on a lot of money’other items such as catering to make up for a deficit, as the success of these activities is uncertain.

What are the origins of gospel music? ?

Gospel music is a genre of religious music with vocal dominances that vary greatly depending on the culture. This kind of music is very important’is developed during the same period as the primitive blues. Today’oday, modern gospel artists are incorporating components of soul music.

For the record, the term gospel comes from the Old English “godspell” which means “gospel”. The name of this musical genre is a reminder that you can’t get a better deal’it refers to the New Testament.

From the moment they arrived on the American continent, slaves were cut off from their roots and had to find their own way’get used to new living conditions, especially in terms of religion. Completely desocialized, they reinvented community ties that could no longer be those of their motherland, the’Africa, and create intangible assets: spirituality, prayer, music via work songs.

These songs appeared at the beginning of the 18th century and developed during the 19th century. Nevertheless, it is not possible to find a place to stay’It was in 1870 that the instruments started to be more and more present in the cults.

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