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Electronic monitoring bracelet: can we go on vacation with ?

It is well known that’there is a serious problem of prison overcrowding in France. Prisons are unable to hold all the inmates, who are sometimes already 4 per cell of 9 square meters. It is’acts of’a violation of the rights of the’man, so much so that the’The European Union has repeatedly condemned the’French State because of the’state of its prisons.

To remedy this sad situation, the law has tried to take various paths, from pardon to the possibility for convicts to’access to alternative measures to detention. However, the most appropriate solution to the problem is the use of electronic bracelets to monitor the movements of suspects and defendants.

You will surely have heard about it by listening to the news or reading articles. The electronic bracelet is this device which, applied to a person, allows the authorities to control his movements, thus guaranteeing a sort of remote detention of the’individual. The big problem of electronic bracelets in France is their shortage, so that judges almost always prefer to impose prison rather than the bracelet.

It is’However, it acts of’a very useful tool that the’use s’It has recently been extended to the detriment of people accused of harassment and gender-based violence. But can it be worn on vacation ?

Electronic bracelet and vacations: Preamble

At the home of the person obliged to wear the electronic bracelet, a control unit (called a surveillance unit) is installed which receives the signals sent by the bracelet’it remains in the active coverage area between the two electronic devices. This cover generally covers the whole house.

Placed on the ankle of the convicted person in addition to a box placed at home by the prison service, the electronic bracelet must never be removed and any problem must be reported. Even to wash or to sleep, you must always keep it on you.

Any breach of house arrest will result in an actual jail sentence, with the prison service being notified in real time.

an electronic bracelet

Going on vacation with your ankle bracelet: Possible ?

Clearly, since only outings related to rehabilitation are allowed, and therefore you will not be able to go on vacation with your bracelet until the period is over. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in jail time.

In fact, if you were to go on vacation, you could go to a country that does not deliver prisoners to France, and thus escape your sentence.

What are the risks if I go on vacation with my electronic bracelet? ?

As mentioned, the electronic bracelet is used to remotely monitor the movements of the person ordered to wear it by the judge.

If the convicted person is controlled by a’If you are caught in the middle of the night, you will be arrested and will have to leave the signal perimeter or damage the device’the contact between the’The control unit and the bracelet are lost and the signal of the’warning is triggered to the police, who can immediately contact the detainee to ask for explanations, so if you go on vacation, imagine that the reason is not valid.

In practice, thanks to the electronic bracelet and the’If the person is not in the house, the police can always check that the person is in the house in a state of security’arrest . If the signal is not received, the police will not be able to verify the person’s presence in the house’is no longer detected, this will mean that the’individual s’is escaped or has tampered with the ankle bracelet, thus promoting the’immediate intervention of the authorities.

In theory, it is possible that the’device does not’The device does not emit the signal anymore because of a lack of information’a malfunction, it’s a’This is why it is important that the police rule out any suspicion of a crime’This hypothesis must be considered before leaving’blame it on the person confined, but in a case as trivial as a vacation, you would be caught and arrested.

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