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4 good reasons to visit Easter Island

Lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a little piece of paradise on earth. With its 167 km² it has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. A mysterious place, but also full of life, it welcomes every year thousands of tourists coming from various horizons. For this purpose, are you looking for a good setting for your tourist escapade ? Here are 4 good reasons to visit Easter Island..

Enjoying a beautiful seascape..

Located at 3,700 kilometers from the Chilean coast and 4,000 km from Tahiti, Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on earth. But paradoxically, this makes it a very popular destination for tourists. Its beautiful beaches of Anakena and Ovahe attract seascape lovers every year.

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Easter Island is also a great place to practice various water sports. Thus, between swimming, surfing, discovering coral reefs and other marine fish, everything is there to make your stay an unforgettable moment.

Go hiking or trekking..

An ancient volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island offers an ideal setting for trekking and hiking activities. Indeed, on the following itineraries : Hanga Roa-Rano Kau, Ahu Akivi-Terevaka, Tahai-Anakena, you will discover another facet of this beautiful island. In addition to the landscape, you will not fail to appreciate the ceremonial village of Orongo or the site of Tahai.

Take your time to contemplate Maunga Terevaka and Rano Kau, two of the highest points on the island.

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Discover a breathtaking archaeological heritage..

Easter Island has always remained a mystery to many scientists and historians. Indeed, if you have ever heard of the Moai, this is the perfect time to discover them in person. These giant statues which weigh tens of tons make the singularity of the island.

Thus to discover them at best, the site of ” Ahu Tongariki ” is a unique place for a good contemplation. You will discover a suite of 15 statues lined up with their backs to the Pacific Ocean. Their peculiarity is that it is not known how they were moved and the real reasons for their erection in certain places.

To meet a people with a fascinating culture..

Inhabited by Polynesians, Easter Island is called by its natives Rapa Nui. This name means “the big Rapa”. But many other nicknames are given to Easter Island. Thus, it is also called “the navel of the world”. Rapanui, the local language, is spoken here, but it is possible to converse in Spanish with the Pascuans. To this end, in addition to the Moai which symbolize a large part of the history of the island, the dances, the festivals and the gastronomy of the Rapanui testify to a very great cultural wealth. During a trip to this island, the ballet of Kari Kari, the delicious Empanadas and many other entertainments will allow you to appreciate a unique heritage.

Also, at Hanga Roa at the Anthropological Museum, you could learn more about the history and habits of the island.

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