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Annecy: cancellation of the 2021 edition of the Descente des Alpages

The descent of the Alpages in Annecy

The years follow each other and are similar for the great popular festivals of Annecy. After the Fête du Lac, the Retour des Alpages of 2021 is cancelled again.

A popular festival that was supposed to attract 80 000 spectators

For the second year in a row, the association “Annecy Traditions” has just announced the cancellation of the Descente des Alpages which was planned on Saturday, October 9, 2021. This popular and folkloric event attracts for each of its editions more than 80 000 people in the streets of Annecy. It marks the return of the herds that leave the mountain pastures before the arrival of winter.

The festival normally includes many parades of farm animals such as cows, sheep and goats. Folk music groups play the traditional popular songs of Savoy. Numerous stands allow you to taste local specialties such as diots with white wine, tartiflette and fondue.

The animators put on the costumes of yesteryear during the parades.

The health crisis at the origin of the cancellation

Even if the pandemic linked to the coronavirus tends to decrease, the persistence of the delta variant obliges to a strict control of each event which attracts public. The Descent of the Alps, with its high attendance makes it impossible the respect of the national sanitary rules in force. This event attracts a public which comes from all France and in particular from Italy.

This important mixing of population represented an additional constraint.

The association indicates in its communiqué : “We welcome numerous exhibitors, farmers, breeders and craftsmen as well as a parade with folk groups from all over the Alps and hundreds of animals. It is impossible to control and manage the influx of people. Obviously, it is a great disappointment for us to cancel once again Le Retour des Alpages“.

The pandemic of coronavirus has once again had reason to one of the great local festivals. The cancellation was confirmed by the city hall of Annecy. We hope that the 2022 edition can be held again as in the past.

The poster of each edition of the Descent of the Alps is appreciated by many collectors. Even when an edition is cancelled, the poster is published. This year, 800 copies will be printed and signed by the artist Christophe Caterineau.

So we’ll see you next year for the return of this popular festival.

A petition has been circulating since September 9th to ask for the maintenance of this event. Initiated by Hugo Terré of the bar Le 24 du Faubourg, it has collected 4 300 signatures.

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