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What to do and see in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote ?

If you are looking for a destination for your next vacation, choose Lanzarote. With its landscape punctuated by volcanic activity, it will satisfy you. Don’t hesitate to leave for several days since there are many leisure activities. You will be able to find the most beautiful beaches of Lanzarote that you will share with your friends and your children.

We propose you some information for find Playa Blanca, but also to facilitate all your travels.

Where is Playa Blanca ?

Once known as a fishing village, it is now the place to be for vacations. It will satisfy all the tourists. The latter have been at the heart of the democratization of this destination which has been able to transform itself over the years. Of course, the tourist activity is much more intense, but it was favored by the landscapes.

To discover this city of Lanzarote, you have an appointment at the southern tip.

  • It is one of the largest islands of the Canaries, but you will have no difficulty in finding it.
  • It has a certain dynamism with hotels, bars, restaurants and you have many businesses.
  • Even if you are on an island, you can also visit the shopping center.
  • Playa Blanca is easy to locate on a map, it is about 37 kilometers from Arrecife.
  • You will tend to arrive on the spot thanks to the plane, it will then be necessary to traverse 33 kilometers to join this city.

The locals tend to be in the center of town, but the tourists prefer the surrounding area. Campgrounds, villas and hotels are located outside of Playa Blanca. Everything is well indicated and you have many guides, you will clearly not be able to get lost.

We advise you to rent a car to make your travels a little easier.

Hiking and museum visits will be a big part of your schedule, but you won’t be able to do without the designer boutiques that are located at the port.

What to do in Playa Blanca ?

During your stay, you will have several choices. It is possible to stay on site or to discover the surroundings since the’The island has many surprises in store for you whether you are alone, with children or with friends. If you want to enjoy the beach, we recommend that you get out of the city because the crowds are really big.

You will have less people in Playa Dorada or Playa Flamingo. You can also go to the beaches of Papagayo and you will be amazed by the surroundings.

The sand has an incredible color and it contrasts perfectly with the water. It is a beautiful invitation to relax and swim. To access the different beaches, the locals have made it easy to get around, so you will have small paths perfectly marked. If you decide to go for an adventure, don’t forget to take good shoes, a meal or a snack and especially water.

If you leave Playa Blanca and go off the beaten path, you will not be able to eat as you wish.

As for leisure activities, don’t hesitate to contemplate the Castillo de Las Coloradas, the Martello towers and you can also relax in the numerous discotheques. On the other hand, the operation is not the same as in France, the establishments tend to close their doors at midnight. It will be necessary Move away from Playa Blanca for a while to discover other places’other nightclubs a little more south coast and discos will be open throughout the night.

Don’t hesitate to visit the Museo Atlantico, the market, take a catamaran tour or enjoy a boat trip.

How to get there’to get there ?

For go to Playa Blanca, you have several options, just choose the method that suits you best. The price could also help you to determine the best way of locomotion.

  • From the capital, you should allow 38 minutes and four euros only if you take the bus.
  • It is also possible to take line 161 and line 3 for the bus, but you will have to allow more than an hour because of this stopover.
  • Of course, cabs are also available, but if you’re on a tight budget, you may have to reconsider your choice.
  • It takes only 30 minutes and costs about 50 euros, depending on the company and the time of day
  • When you arrive on the island by plane, we advise you to rent a car at the airport.

You will have to spend 30 minutes to get to Playa Blanca, but the cost will also be very low since it should not exceed 5 euros. On the other hand, you will be free to move easily on the island.

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