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The most beautiful spots of canyoning near Castellane

The very old town of Castellane is located at 724 meters above sea level’The canyons are located at the top of the Gorges du Verdon. There are various canyoning spots that can be used for a variety of activities’Adapted to all public. There is no excuse now to avoid spending a little time there and enjoy the activities offered by the different canyons.

Whether in Castellane or in its surroundings, nature and water activities lovers will not be disappointed with the breathtaking landscapes and the unusual valleys that are located in the area’offer to them.

Why the Gorges du Verdon ?

The Gorges du Verdon are not to be presented anymore since they are a place where you can enjoy a lot of adrenaline’They are among the most beautiful canyons in France, if not in the whole world’Europe. Friends and families’You will find there for a pleasant stay of relaxation the time of the day’a weekend. D’Elsewhere, everyone will of course be served with a variety of activities such as paragliding, hiking, the’climbing and the best of all, canyoning.

With the courses proposed on the spot, amateurs or experienced will find their accounts there. The tour can be done the time of the year’half day or full day’a day, according to the feeling of the visitors.

Canyons around Castellane

If you are a canyoning enthusiast or if you are looking for new sensations, the spots in Castellane will satisfy your wildest desires in terms of’escapades in the nature. These places of’The exceptional canyoning spots that dot the landscape will make you discover unique experiences in a preserved environment. Several canyons can be visited on the territory, including the canyon of the Lance, the Clue de Saint-Auban or the canyon of Riolan. Lovers of outdoor sports, here are the best places for canyoning around Castellane !

Canyoning in Castellane

The canyon of Jabron

For the amateurs, the canyon of the Haut Jabron is the’ideal for a first experience. Located at about fifteen kilometers from Castellane, this site will offer you a feeling of security while taking your breath away, especially if you are a canyoning enthusiast’it s’is your first time. The circuit is quite short since it is not possible to go there at the beginning of the season’it will be possible to realize it in less than two hours. The most experienced ones, them, will be able to make and remake the course for more sensations and especially to benefit from the impossible to circumvent toboggans.

To further enhance your experience in the Gorges du Verdon, entrust your visit to professionals.

The canyon du Bas Jabron The canyon of La Lance is about 20 km from Castellane. In spite of the basins and the polished rocks, the site is very accessible and can be completed in only two hours. It is however advised to go to the’The circuit is quite short since it is possible to go there at the beginning of the season because of the high heat of the sun’summer that could dry up all the streams’canyon water.

The canyon of the Lance

The canyon of La Lance is recommended for sportsmen and women or for the most experienced. Located at 1600 meters above sea level’At altitude, the departure already requires a good training and a certain experience. The circuit is completed in more than five hours, which requires a good endurance.

Nevertheless, there is nothing more satisfying than to weave between the jumps, the length and the abseiling which will certainly ensure a good climb’adrenaline.

For canyoning enthusiasts looking for thrills, the Lance canyon seems to be the best choice’one of the most recommended spots.

The clue of Saint-Auban

Also simple of’The clue of Saint-Auban requires however a certain motivation. It s’act d’an aquatic course where you can do paragliding small waterfalls and basins. Even better, the circuit is complete since’It combines swimming, jumps, slides and rope passages.

The less motivated could be easily discouraged unless they want to spend more time than planned on the circuit. Normally, it can be completed in three hours. Between the rocks and the cliffs, let yourself be carried away by the aquatic landscape that this spot can offer.

The Riolan canyon

In the Riolan canyon, embark for five hours of guaranteed thrills. You won’t risk to get lost in the water’You will forget as easily your passage in this site. The combination of’The warm water with the various geological variations will transport you in a natural and unusual setting. Take advantage of the natural slides and rappelling to the ground’and finish to spend a good day of canyoning.

The circuit is open to all but a minimum of two people are required’experience in this sport would be an asset.

To know more about the surrounding activities, go to the town hall’s website in the category Tourism and Visit.

The benefits of canyoning

After the stress and fatigue of everyday life, nothing beats a nice relaxing day to change your mind. Canyoning is one of the recommended activities to de-stress and replenish your oxygen supply. With its breathtaking natural scenery, canyoning is also a great way to antidepressant efficient.

It is important to’You will be able to relax and escape from the various activities that you can do, all the more intense at the time of the ascent of the mountain’adrenaline, when you are facing a vertiginous jump or a waterfall full of waterfalls’obstacles.

A good day of canyoning is also a great opportunity to spend time with family or friends. Take advantage of this opportunity to clear your head in order to better apprehend the new week.

What are the criteria to do canyoning? ?

Canyoning is a physical activity and not the easiest one. It requires both the ability to’You will need endurance, strength and above all a very good practice of swimming. It s’It is certainly a good idea to follow the safety rules’Canyoning is a leisure activity, but it’s not for everyone’It is above all a very sportive activity which is not’is not dedicated to the most fragile.

It is then very important to’be in shape to face a canyon. Get a good night’s sleep before the big day, eat a healthy diet, but above all avoid the big jump if you have injuries or don’t feel in top shape.

Once there, you will be welcomed by canyoning instructors and guides who will tell you what to do and what not to do. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment such as shoes or special wetsuits if the site is not accessible’does not provide them. After this experience in the Gorges du Verdon, you will surely be tempted to try canyoning’It is a good thing to come back to it, which is good for your mental and physical well-being. N’Just don’t forget to respect the safety rules but above all to be aware of the risks’appreciate all the beauty of the nature that each spot could present you !

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