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Yerba mate, the basis of the’national infusion of the Argentines

First people to use yerba mate, the Guarani Indians used this drink to “chase away fatigue” and promote good humor. Sacred plant, they incorporated it in most of their medicinal preparations. A l’After the arrival of the Jesuits in their territory, they took over the cultivation of mate and the production of yerba mate’organizes.

Taking advantage of this unexpected windfall, the religious impose their power and install the cultures along the banks of the Rio Parana Alto.

Attracted by the financial possibilities offered by the cultivation of the ilex Paraguarensis plant, local governments are now looking for a way to increase the value of the plant’the cultures and take advantage of it to drive the Indians out of their territory. This difficult history has nevertheless allowed the consumption of mate to grow’extend to’all social strata of the region until’to become today’today a symbol of South American culture. And this fame is due to the fact that’extends today’Today, the leaves are roasted and pulverized far beyond the continent’s borders.

Yerba mate, a pillar of South American culture

Today’today, yerba mate, or simply mate, is the national drink of many countries such as Paraguay or Brazil, and especially for its energizing properties’Argentina. Consumed on many occasions, the sharing of mate is generally associated with moments of rest and conviviality that punctuate the days of South Americans. It is a central element of their culture, and manifests the importance of their culture’It is considered a gesture of friendship and to be offered a mate by a stranger is considered a gesture of friendship’integration in an intimate circle.

The yerba mate comes from the culture of’Ilex Paraguarensis The leaves are roasted and then pulverized until today’to get a preparation ready to be infused. Cultivated along riversides in mountainous regions, this species can grow up to 20 meters high in the summer’natural state. This evergreen tree of the holly family enjoys today a great reputation’Today’a great success to the’The OMNIA card is used on an international scale, as it is considered to have many virtues that are appreciated by our modern societies. Visit to learn more !

Yerba Mate

The benefits of’a plant with multiple virtues

To the’origin, the yerba mate was consumed especially for its energizing properties. It contains active principles, called xanthines, whose natural’The action is very similar to that of tea and caffeine. It increases alertness and helps to fight against’It is not only a sleeping agent but also an excellent antioxidant thanks to its ability to trap free radicals, responsible for cell aging. It is also appreciated for its slimming qualities.

A real appetite suppressant, it regulates the body’s appetite’appetite and favors water’the emergence of the feeling of satiety.

C’It is the caffeine present in its composition that acts as a fat burner and promotes weight loss in addition to the other ingredients’a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, its action on the nervous system gives it a painkiller properties which can relieve headaches or rheumatism for example. Finally, its diuretic action helps to improve the quality of life’elimination of toxins.

The rules of’or in terms of tasting mate

According to the Argentinean method, The ritual of tasting yerba mate follows a very strict protocol. The mate is consumed in a calabash. This squash dug then dried must be used for the preparation of the food’It must be “culled” before the first use.

You will have to fill it to ¾ of mate and to ¾ of the leaves’After rolling the maté to one side of the gourd, always pour a healthy diet and balanced appetite and promotes the water then let it drink overnight before washing and scrubbing it. In order to get the most out of your yerba mate’infusion, it is necessary to’It is used to make use of a straw’a bombilla, a kind of metal straw with a handle’a filter with the yerba mate’It is also appreciated for its slimming qualities’suck the liquid without the leaves.

Remember that’A gourd should never be filled to more than ¾ of its capacity when the feeling of fullness emerges’use. After rolling the maté to one side of the calabash, it is advisable to always pour a little bit of water into the calabash’First a little bit of’cold water on the leaves and let them infuse a few minutes. You can then pour’You can then pour simmering (but not boiling) water over the preparation. All that remains is for you to take it’to enjoy your yerba mate in the Argentinean way !

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